BRGR Adopts Brandt Beef, Meat-lovers Rejoice

Substitute Brandt burger for the imaginary one.
Substitute Brandt burger for the imaginary one.haha

BRGR does pretty good business in Chelsea, but wanna-be burger barons need to step up their game in this meat-manic town of ours. So BRGR, with little fanfare, has raised the caliber of its product, becoming the city’s first restaurant to adopt Brandt hamburger. Brandt is one of the most innovative beef producers in the country — their steaks already appear at Porter House New York, Craftsteak, and Park Avenue Autumn.

Like the steaks, Brandt hamburgers are 100 percent natural and made from animals that have fed on wholesome, sweet corn for over 300 days. The resulting flavor is extra lush and sweet. “We didn’t announce anything,” BRGR manager Marty Weil tells us. “It was a seamless change. But people love it! It’s a great product and we’re really happy with the switch.” In this highly competitive burger market, expect other restaurants to begin serving Brandt. But until then, BRGR’s got a nice little monopoly.