Batali and Keller Have Clogged Pipes; Dining With Bruni

The Post “reports” — as we did yesterday — that the opening of club Touch is delayed and gets the name wrong. Torch? [NYP]
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“Clogmaster” Cecilia Tidlund reveals her VIP client list — shocker, Batali is on it! Oh, and Thomas Keller, too. See now, this is what we wanted more of in that Per Se tell-all. [NYT]

The Amateur Gourmet on eating with Frank Bruni: “He is measured and thoughtful. He doesn’t exclaim, he doesn’t pout — he eats, he considers, and then he softly shares his opinion.” Also, he’s skinnier than you’d think. [Amateur Gourmet]

Workers call for a boycott of Ollie’s Noodle Shop, claiming the chain’s president is attempting to blacklist lawsuit organizers. [NYT]