American Grill Rejected by the E.V.; Second Ave. Deli to Open in January

Astoria: The Sophia Loren pie at Michael Angelos II on 23rd Avenue near 29th Street is said to blow away the neighborhoods pizza competitors, and with the not-so-innovative toppings of mozzarella, tomato, basil, and sauce. [Joey in Astoria]
Carroll Gardens: Lucali overwhelmingly won an albeit mini-poll for the hoods best pizza parlor. [Bergen Carroll]
Chinatown: The owners of new restaurant U-Choose Express on Mott Street have decided to decorate their space with an old sign from fifties diner Lonnies Coffee Shoppe that was uncovered during renovation. [NYT via Lost City]
East Village: After only five months American Grill is giving up the ghost. Did its blintzes really fail to lure 4 a.m. drunks away from Odessa, was it flat-screen overdose, or just the constant reminder of Kievs death by gentrification that did the mod diner in? [Eater]
Hells Kitchen: Artisanal Premium Cheese Center is hosting a sake and cheese tasting on December 5 to showcase the lovely synergies that superior Sakes and exquisite (Artisanal Premium) Cheeses share. [Artisanal Cheese]
Midtown East: They may be hoisting their sign today, but the 2nd Avenue Deli probably wont open until January. [Eater]
Midtown West: Brunis first impression of Brasserie 44 (after, he notes, Rob and Robins) : It looks Scandinavian. [Diners Journal/NYT] Sangria 46 at 338 West 46th Street will feature a different sangria each day for the twelve days before Christmas starting on December 13 with three-berry ros. [Grub Street]