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11:45 AM

Zak Pelaccio Taking Over Borough Food and Drink From Jeffrey Chodorow

Pelaccio: What, me worry?Photo: Patrick McMullan

Zak Pelaccio is taking over Borough Food and Drink, where he is now consulting chef, from Jeffrey Chodorow’s China Grill Management. Though changes probably won’t be seen until after the New Year, Pelaccio and his partner, 5 Ninth and Fatty Crab owner Rick Camac, are already at work on a plan to rework BFD, Pelaccio says. Considering Pelaccio doesn’t have Chodorow’s vast and efficient global restaurant organization, why would he want to take on such a project? “Why do I do anything? It’s fun,” he said.

We speculate that you’ll find more ethnic food on the menu at the new and improved Borough Food and Drink, with bigger flavors and more animal fat. Pelaccio’s original ideas for the restaurant’s fare were mainstreamed prior to BFD’s opening; though the chef is proud of the current version, anyone who has eaten Pelaccio’s food at Fatty Crab, Chickenbone Cafe, or 5 Ninth knows that he’s not a mainstream chef. Expect to see stuff from weird Asian markets in Elmhurst, odd-shaped sausages from Bosnian butchers in Astoria, and dishes that combine unwieldy animal parts with classical technique. (For his part, though, Pelaccio says nothing has been decided yet. We’re just making an educated guess.)

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