Two Bucks for Ice at Bowery Hotel!? Register Your Customer Complaints Here

Oh, you wanted a cold drink? Cough up another $2!
Oh, you wanted a cold drink? Cough up another $2!haha Photo: iStockphoto

Ever wonder why cocktails are so pricey in this town? Maybe part of that $17 tab covers health insurance in case the barkeep gets a wrist injury from squeezing fresh pomegranate juice? According to an e-mail from a reader who actually asked why he was being charged extra for drinks at the Bowery Hotel’s bar, that’s not it at all — it’s actually because of the precious ice that goes into the drink! Read on for her tale of woe, and if you have one that’s equally horrifying, do use our nifty new comments feature to let it all out.

Dear Grub Street, Please help explain! Last night three longtime New Yorkers, who have been to their fair share of bars (both at the high-end and the low), encountered one for the books. Cocktail hour found the trio at the bar at the new Bowery Hotel. After three rounds of cocktails, the bill was requested. The menu-advertised price was not the price that was charged: Macallan was $16 on the menu, and we were charged $17; Grey Goose was on the menu as $12, yet we were charged $14 for two of the drinks and $15 for the last one; my first two Scotches were $15 each, and then my last one went down a dollar to $14. Please note: No one’s order changed over the three rounds. When asked for an explanation from the staff, a few excuses were thrown around: We have new purchasing manager who has changed some prices; we have to update the menu; and the final one: WE CHARGE FOR ICE. Two dollars. Each drink. Now call us crazy, but isn’t ice part of the deal? Like a swizzle stick and a mixer? We were so flabbergasted by the reasoning, we decided to ask for a to-go cup for our ice … I mean, we paid two dollars for it.Signed,
Cold & Peeved in NYC