Grub Street Comments Now Open for Business

Since the birth of Grub Street, we’ve been aware of the need for some kind of interactive feedback. And it’s not that we weren’t listening; we just didn’t do anything about it. But now we have, and after a herculean investment of time, labor, and funds, we are officially unveiling our spanking-new commenting system. Yes, all of your “worst post ever!” and “I saw Daniel Maurer drinking ouzo at 4 o’clock yesterday morning” insights can now be shared with the world, for the low, low price of registering and typing them out.

Like everything else that is complicated and involves the Internet, there may be a few bugs in the first few days, but be patient with us: We’ve sent away the doormen and opened the party up to everyone, so it’s inevitable that a few bottles will break. But keep commenting, and we will do our best to get in there with you. Deal?

Just click on "Add a Comment" and take it from there.