A Happy New York Ending for Gordo; Bruni Thinks Michelin Ratings ‘Just Nutty’

Gordon Ramsay at the London is the only new restaurant in town to earn two stars in the Michelin Guide, a conquest thats especially sweet here where the chef is often maligned and/or mocked by us, for example. [NYP]
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Two of Jean-Georges Vongerichten's lesser lights, Vong and JoJo, have received the same Michelin rating as Caf Boulud, and according to Bruni, thats just nutty. [Diners Journal/NYT]

Jean-Georges has promoted a 24-year-old star sous-chef to be chef de cuisine at Perry St. [Eater]

It's not enough to know that Mario Batali has a windup doll. You have to see it in action. [Food Wishes via Chow]

Dressler chef and co-owner Polo Dobkin considers his one star a real nod and a tip of the hat to Williamsburg.

In a Q, restaurateur Marc Meyer reveals he wishes the molecular-gastronomy trend would just die already. [Restaurant Girl]

Like Ed Levine, Gridskipper finds two of the city's best grilled cheeses at Artisanal and Bouchon Bakery but also lists classic versions at Comfort Diner and Eisenberg's as favorites. [Gridskipper]