Fergus Henderson to Cook Tomorrow at Savoy, Wednesday at the Spotted Pig

Fergus Henderson

British chef Fergus Henderson: keeping it real in the NYC.Photo: Melissa Hom

We stopped by Soho House last night to speak to Fergus Henderson, the celebrated London chef whose gospel of offal, Nose to Tail Eating, conquered the culinary world back in 2004. Henderson and his friend Justin Piers Gellatly, his dessert chef at London’s St. John, have written a sequel to Nose to Tail called Beyond Nose to Tail (“It’s like Buzz Lightyear, isn’t it? Infinity and beyond?” Fergus said of the illogical title). Henderson will be cooking some of his signature dishes from St. John tomorrow night at Savoy and Wednesday at the Spotted Pig; both evenings are open to the public.

But when we asked him if he would consider doing a restaurant here in New York, he looked taken aback: “You never know,” the chef told us, and then denied any kind of actual plan. In the meantime, Henderson is planning on trying to hit Ssäm Bar sometime during his trip and, upon our suggestion, Fatty Crab. “What is Fatty Crab?” he asked us, and upon being told of the pork-belly-and- pickled-watermelon salad declared decisively, “I shall go to Fatty Crab.”