Exclusive: Thor Gets Third Chef, Rivington Street Gets Third Stripper Pole

Good thing this place has a stripper pole!
Good thing this place has a stripper pole!haha

Changes are afoot at the Hotel on Rivington. First Kevin Pomplun replaced Kurt Gutenbrunner at Thor, and now we’ve discovered that Mark Spangenthal, formerly of Dining Room and the Screening Room, is the new head toque. His dishes are expected to roll out in the next few weeks, and if they’re as good as Hal Rubenstein thought the ones at Dining Room were, we’ll be in luck.

In the meantime, visitors to Thor should know that the hidden door is no longer, since the space that used to house the “secret” lounge has been replaced by 105 Riv, an exclusive spot (pictured here) that does away with the former podlike enclosures in favor of leather seats and adds to the mix a stripper pole (the third one on Rivington Street, counting Revolver and St. Jerome’s) that guests can use when burlesque-type dancers aren’t on duty. Dip Consulting, which has worked with Cielo and other places, will serve up D.J.’s spinning seventies to nineties disco and house from Wednesday through Saturday, and the door will be as tight as a Lower East Side door can be.

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