Ever Work at Heartland Brewery? Time to Sue!


The waiters in here will sue anything that moves.Photo: Robert K. Chin

If youve worked an hourly job at Heartland Brewerys six locations (including Spankys BBQ) in the past three years, start checking your mailbox. You wont get an invite to the company Christmas party, but your presence is requested for a class-action lawsuit about minimum wage and overtime. A judge has ruled that attorney Maimon Kirschenbaum can send out the notice, which hes taking as a positive sign: The court bought into the fact that corruption, if there, applied equally to everyone at every location. So if you feel ripped off, join eighteen of your former colleagues and place your order with the American legal system.

Memorandum & Order: Peter Fasanelli v. Heartland Brewery [PDF]

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