Dona to Return, in Relaxed Form

Dona, the way it was.Photo: Jeremy Liebman

Dona, long departed and much missed, is on its way back. But while the last incarnation was a fairly refined, plutocratic concern, this one will be more casual. With a working title of Dona Caf and a short list of possible locations (were hearing East 58th Street tops it), Donatella Arpaia and Michael Psilakis should soon be in a position to complete what sounded, less than a year ago, like an impossibility: to create Kefi, Anthos, and a new Dona, all one right after the other. Although owner Arpaia cautions that its all just in the planning stage, weve heard things are pretty far along. For anyone who ever got hooked on the Greek-Italian fusion that was Donas special achievement, thats good news.