Cult Candy Shop Papabubble Introduces Itself to Little Italy

The mad candy laboratory at Papabubble.
The mad candy laboratory at Papabubble.haha Photo: Melissa Hom

The first U.S. outpost of Papabubble (which also has locations in Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Tokyo) was originally slated to open today, and though delays mean you’ll have to wait till this weekend for “sugar drops” and other colorful confections made on site, we’re happy to report that the cult candy shop’s sign, at least, has been unveiled. Workers are still puttering around the interior, but we spied weathered dark-wood floors, an elegant subway-tile wall much like Despaña’s down the road, and beakers full of glowing liquids behind the counter. No product in site just yet, but the Marie Belle chocolate store, just one block over on Broome, has to be very nervous about this. Papabubble opens Saturday night with a party, and everyone’s invited.

Papabubble, 380 Broome St., nr. Mott St.;