Cipriani Still Living High on the Hog; Another Mechanical Bull Comes to New York

The nation can rest easy in the knowledge that Giuseppe Cipriani is still cruising around in a Rolls-Royce, has kept his private jet, and may even build another yacht in addition to the one he already owns. [NYP]

The Shamalian boys opened their rockabilly bar on Essex last night even though it’s unfinished, and there really is a bull! [Eater]

The Federal Trade Commission has launched a second attack against the Whole Foods–Wild Oats merger, vowing that even though money has already exchanged hands, the integration can still be stopped. [NYT]

City officials are confident that they will be able to enforce calorie-posting on fast-food menus by next year, though the hearing isn’t until the end of November. [NYDN]

Will Goldfarb got into law school, but the Duke alum seems quite content managing life as a New York’s “Sultan of Sweet.” [Duke Chronicle]

Harold Dieterle certainly appreciates lady chefs; his top picks for eating around town are Tía Pol and Annisa. [Restaurant Girl]

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is listed first in AM New York’s roundup of the city’s best restaurants. Huh? [amNY]