Bourdain Blasts Rachael Ray, and It's Not Yum-O

Bourdain, Ray

They're smiling now, but Anthony Bourdain and Rachel Ray are plotting each other's deaths.Photos: Getty Images

According to "Page Six" today, Anthony Bourdain has a serious problem with Rachael Ray endorsing Dunkin Donuts. Yes, the man who waxed nostalgic about the the bitter, delicious taste of heroin in the back of my throat in last months Spin believes Ray is being evil and over the line in endorsing what he considers crack for kids. But should Bourdain really be running his mouth? Never mind that he smoked Marlboros while telling GQs Website about his favorite old-man dive bars hes also the guy who told, Is there anything better than a maple bacon donut? I dont think so. Apparently its perfectly okay to endorse doughnuts as long as they have life-giving bacon in them!

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