Bacaro Opens Doors, Expect Salami and Epaulettes

All this place needs is its own salami room. Oh, wait! Photo: Michael Harlan Turkell

According to Urbandaddy, Peasant’s new restaurant, Bacaro, was to open tomorrow with a party for the neighborhood. Didn’t sound right to us — was a place like Peasant really surrendering their first night to the notoriously steak-and-stripper-happy readers of the Dad? We went down last night, strolled right in (what’s this, no list?) and indeed, owners Frank and Dulci DeCarlo were throwing a bacchanalian fête for the usual Soho/Nolita/Chinatown suspects — basically everyone you’d see at Sway’s Morrissey night. (Note to anyone planning to be a Benjamin Cho hipster type for Halloween: Epaulettes are majorly in.)

We’re not being influenced by the endless bottles of prosecco (not to mention the biggest grape and salami spreads we’ve ever seen; Bacaro has its own salami room, after all) when we tell you Bacaro is something special, especially the candlelit, vaulted downstairs with the Spanish Inquisition vibe (in a romantic way!). Note to neighborhood hipsters: Lovely Day won’t be having its annual Halloween party, so this is your go-to.

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