Bacaro Opens Doors, Expect Salami and Epaulettes


All this place needs is its own salami room. Oh, wait!Michael Harlan Turkell

According to Urbandaddy, Peasants new restaurant, Bacaro, was to open tomorrow with a party for the neighborhood. Didnt sound right to us was a place like Peasant really surrendering their first night to the notoriously steak-and-stripper-happy readers of the Dad? We went down last night, strolled right in (whats this, no list?) and indeed, owners Frank and Dulci DeCarlo were throwing a bacchanalian fte for the usual Soho/Nolita/Chinatown suspects basically everyone youd see at Sways Morrissey night. (Note to anyone planning to be a Benjamin Cho hipster type for Halloween: Epaulettes are majorly in.)

Were not being influenced by the endless bottles of prosecco (not to mention the biggest grape and salami spreads weve ever seen; Bacaro has its own salami room, after all) when we tell you Bacaro is something special, especially the candlelit, vaulted downstairs with the Spanish Inquisition vibe (in a romantic way!). Note to neighborhood hipsters: Lovely Day wont be having its annual Halloween party, so this is your go-to.

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