Essex Street Market Welcomes New Truffles, Old Buttercrunch

Roni-Sue's truffles are the cure for what ails you.
Roni-Sue's truffles are the cure for what ails you.haha

Buttercrunch goddess Roni-Sue Kave, whom you may also remember as Fatty Crab chef Corwin Kave’s mom, is about to open her own candy store on the Lower East Side. And, as you might expect from a woman of Kave’s caliber, the candy she is fixing to sell there sounds beyond your standard sweet shop. “I made basic candy first, but then I think of ways to make it more interesting — more complex, more levels, more going on.”

Kave’s new space at the Essex Market, slated to open October 29, will feature truffles like the Portly Fig, dark-chocolate ganache mixed with ground figs, burnt fig jam, and fig vinegar; the Frida Kahlo, with Mexican cinnamon, coffee bean, Kahlúua, and a dark-chocolate center; and the Coconut, which is “like an adult Mounds bar,” with coconut cream, organic coconut vinegar, and both sweetened and unsweetened coconut in several different coarsenesses “for an extra textual oomph.” Look for other sophisticated truffles (including the amazing-sounding Diablo, with its peppery mole center) but also plenty of easy-to-love buttercrunch. Between Anne Saxelby, Kenny Shopsin, and Kave, the Essex Street Market is quickly becoming a food mecca.

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