Will the Seaport or Hudson Yards Get the Market?

What use to be a bustling fish market could now be a bustling artisanal market.Photo: Getty Images
New Amsterdam Public, the locavores trying to build a year-round indoor market at South Street Seaport, last night issued a strongly worded statement to the city while cold-shouldering uptown suitors for a new food market. At a fund-raiser catered by Essex Street purveyor Saxelby Cheesemongers, New Amsterdam founder Robert LaValva insisted that the city owed the public a food hall in two old Fulton Fish Market buildings. “This place has markets in its blood,” LaValva told us, while supporters sipped wine and nibbled. The city’s reaction has been tepid, and one of the megadevelopers vying to build Hudson Yards recently approached New Amsterdam about a bid there.

New Amsterdam was not swayed by the invitation but might be wooed later if the final plan for Seaport space, due out in a couple months, seems chilly. “Only if the last stake is driven into our plans for the Seaport,” LaValva vowed. As for potential vendors, some are just keen to get local food into shoppers’ bags, no matter where the market is. “I’m totally committed to opening a space in their market,” said Anne Saxelby. “If it were to happen somewhere else, I would probably get just as excited.” —Alec Appelbaum