Will Ivy Stark Return to B.R. Guest?

Ivy Stark’s brief escape from B.R. Guest looks over.
Ivy Stark’s brief escape from B.R. Guest looks over.haha Photo: Patrick McMullan

We hear from an impeccable source deep inside B.R. Guest that Ivy Stark is returning to Steve Hanson’s corporate embrace, to cook at Dos Caminos. Stark, for her part, only denies half of it. “First of all, I’ve been made an offer but haven’t accepted it,” the Amalia chef says. “It’s not Dos Caminos. It might be some projects with B.R. Guest, but I wouldn’t necessarily be leaving Amalia.”

We hope not, as we like her work there, but on the other hand, the restaurant hasn’t exactly taken the city by fire and we would be saddened but not surprised if it changed course. B.R. Guest, meanwhile, is busy: Besides these Ivy Stark projects, the group will open Primehouse on October 1 and Wildwood Barbecue in December. It looks like that Starwood deal is working out for Steve Hanson.

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