Uzbek Filmmaker Fights to Commemorate Katz's

The spirit of salamis past.Photo courtesy Yura Dashevsky

With Katzs future hanging by a thread, the time is right for a full-out documentary effort. And only one man is stepping up: the Uzbek-born filmmaker Yura Dashevsky, a Brooklyn resident who is trying to complete Katzs: Thats All! A Documentary Project, a film record of the place and what it means to people.

Some people are against the film, Dashevsky tells us. I keep running into anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, vegetarianism Im surrounded by a sea of isms. And to make matters worse, he cant get the money together to complete the film. Donations are accepted on the films Website; prospective pockets can expect to be thanked in the credits and get a free copy. Dashevskys previous films are on weightier topics like the Tajik civil war, so expect a lighter approach. Unless, of course, Katz's closes. In which case it could quickly become the Zapruder reel for New York feinshmeckers.

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