‘Times’ Building to Get First Outpost of Tokyo Robatayaki

The Gray Lady will soon eat better. Or at least more dramatically.
The Gray Lady will soon eat better. Or at least more dramatically.haha Photo: Corbis

As reviews of Metro Marche took glee in pointing out, the Port Authority is a bit of a culinary hinterland. Sure, New York Times employees have access to fancy cheese and custom sushi rolls, but as a lawyer in the building complains to us, “The Times isn’t being very neighborly about their cafeteria.” The lunch hunt will become a bit less grim in mid-2008 when Dean & DeLuca opens in the building (its seventh New York site) along with the first Stateside location of Japanese robatayaki restaurant Inakaya.

If the Frommers review of the latter’s Tokyo location is any indicator, this is going to be the best thing since Benihana:

Customers sit at a long, U-shaped counter, on the other side of which are mountains of fresh vegetables, beef, and seafood. And in the middle of all that food, seated in front of a grill, are male chefs — ready to cook whatever you point to in the style of robatayaki. Orders are yelled out by your waiter and are repeated in unison by all the other waiters, resulting in ongoing, excited yelling. Sounds strange, I know, but actually it’s a lot of fun.

And Bruni can practically review it from his desk!

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