The Toilet at Ninja: Toto-ly Awesome!

Wheelchair accessible, in case you're ailing from a swordfight.Photo: Daniel Maurer

Rancho Jubilees restrooms arent the only cave-themed ones. There are La Cavernas, for instance. But for swankier digs, its necessary to visit Ninja. The theme restaurants menu is sometimes unsuccessfully derivative the black cod doesnt measure up to Nobus a few doors down but when we discovered theyve recently installed an automatic Toto toilet in the handicap WC, we didnt give two shits that Morimoto did it first. These actually work!

Theme: Bamboo trim, fake-stone walls, and orchids. If theres any remaining doubt youre in a ninja lair, there are yin yangs on the doors to emphasize the point.
Privacy: Best in the handicapped loo. Don't even think of trying the Staff Only doors they lead to ninja changing rooms. And if you see them without their ninja garb, they'll have to kill you.
Amenities: The Toto toilets seats dont seem to lift automatically like Morimotos, but there are remote-controlled rear cleaning and front cleaning streams, and a hot-air dryer.
Drawbacks: It takes a while to realize that the front-cleaning jets dont turn off automatically. Then again, you might not want them to.
Strategy: Cant find the bathrooms? Ask a ninja!