The Toilet at Ninja: Toto-ly Awesome!

Wheelchair accessible, in case you're ailing from a swordfight.
Wheelchair accessible, in case you're ailing from a swordfight.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

Rancho Jubilee’s restrooms aren’t the only cave-themed ones. There are La Caverna’s, for instance. But for swankier digs, it’s necessary to visit Ninja. The theme restaurant’s menu is sometimes unsuccessfully derivative — the black cod doesn’t measure up to Nobu’s a few doors down — but when we discovered they’ve recently installed an automatic Toto toilet in the handicap WC, we didn’t give two shits that Morimoto did it first. These actually work!

Theme: Bamboo trim, fake-stone walls, and orchids. If there’s any remaining doubt you’re in a ninja lair, there are yin yangs on the doors to emphasize the point.
Privacy: Best in the handicapped loo. Don’t even think of trying the “Staff Only” doors — they lead to ninja changing rooms. And if you see them without their ninja garb, they’ll have to kill you.
Amenities: The Toto toilet’s seats don’t seem to lift automatically like Morimoto’s, but there are remote-controlled “rear cleaning” and “front cleaning” streams, and a hot-air dryer.
Drawbacks: It takes a while to realize that the front-cleaning jets don’t turn off automatically. Then again, you might not want them to.
Strategy: Can’t find the bathrooms? Ask a ninja!