The Moondance Diner, Neglected in Wyoming, Now a Shell of Itself

Now here’s a sad story. Recently, we ran a feel-good piece about the sunny destiny of the Moondance Diner, extinguished by the greed of developers but sent by big rig to a sunny afterlife in the vastness of the West. Well, it would have been better for all concerned if we left it at that. But we’re in the news business, and though it pains us to report it, the place hasn’t come to a good end.

A friend of Grub Street directed us to a blog post by some guy living in Montana, and although he had never seen the original in all its Sixth Avenue glory, he had a picture of it in its current condition. Now, maybe there are some restorations in store. We doubt they moved the thing all the way to Wyoming just so it could be a worthless husk. They have plenty of those in Wyoming, and no need to bring one by big rig. Still, like a former matinee idol now seen babbling behind a shopping cart full of bottles, the sight can’t help but make us shudder at the world’s vicissitudes.

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