O’Reilly on Defense Over Sylvia’s; Osso Buco Owner Won’t Take Clinton Down

Bill O’Reilly says his comments at Sylvia’s were “cherry-picked” from a conversation about racial stereotypes. [AP]

Nino “thousand-dollar-pizza” Selimaj tells the Post that he won’t take down a photo taken of him with Chelsea Clinton from one of his restaurants even though Bill Clinton’s lawyer wants him to since that would set a bad precedent for the other photos he’s taken with boldfaced names: “We have Derek Jeter, we have Regis Philbin, we have Rudolph Giuliani, Danny Glover, Mariah Carey [and] Sopranos [castmates].” [NYP]
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Tom Colicchio takes over Top Chef blogging duties from Bourdain and trades caustic commentary for a more scientific synopsis of what the contestants did wrong. [Tom’s Blog/Bravo]

Sietsema found a “gleaming” taco stand on Roosevelt Avenue that makes fresh tortillas for each order. [Eat for Victory/VV]

Bruni has a hunch: “Getting good service is more difficult these days than getting good food.” [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Topps Meat Company has recalled frozen hamburgers from stores nationwide after 21 people, including some in New York, fell ill with E. coli. [NYT]

A rainy season in Southern Italy has forced vintners into the earliest grape harvest in 70 years, which may make Italy’s wine production the lowest it’s been for 50 years. [NYP]