Liebrandt’s Secretive, Non-Chinese Project; Former Cheftestant Victim of Bias Crime

Paul Liebrandt is still being cryptic about his new project saying little more than it won’t be Chinese. [TONY]

Connecticut’s Foxwoods casino will soon serve New York’s favorite cheesecake: Junior’s will open its first outlet outside of the city in the resort’s new MGM Grand. [NYS]

Former Top Chef contestant Josie Smith-Malave was one of the victims of an anti-gay attack outside of a Sea Cliff bar during Labor Day weekend. [NYP]

Farm Aid may have sold organic food at its concessions, but much of it was from larger companies who could afford the sponsorship fees that go to small farms. [Ed Levine Eats/Serious Eats]

A Rockland county Chinese restaurant has been closed down thanks to its innovative workers, who figured out that it was easier to crush garlic with their feet than with the flat of a Chinese cleaver like everybody else. (Not that it really makes any difference, but go tell that to the DOH.) [Journal News]

A guide to restaurant trends that are "So Over, So Now, and So Soon." [TONY]

Burger King will now market apples cut like French fries to kids. [NYP]

A study in England shows the more we try to fight off a craving for chocolate, the more our desire for it grows, thanks to its "naughty but nice" reputation. [NYP]