La Esquina Returns; Little Hope for Chumley’s Reopening

The downstairs at La Esquina is reportedly open. [Down by the Hipster]

Little progress seems to have been made at Chumleys, which was supposed to reopen in two weeks. [Lost City]

Shake Shacks vanilla frozen custard deemed superior in a taste test of national favorites. [Serious Eats]

Theres no better camping companion in the Catskills than bourbon. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

Not sure what to order at Tailor? Have a look at this photo dessert cart. [Flickr]

As punishment for failed franchises, the Soup Nazi has yanked SoupMan CEO John Bello from his post, though theres still no word on whether the company will rethink charging $12 for a single serving. [Nations Restaurant News]

Mickey Ds coffee is siphoning profits from Starbucks. [The Grinder/Chow]

New York women love their beef, and the English are abuzz about it. [Telegraph]

Margarine's the one trans-fat holdover still being uncovered in restaurants, who now have until October 1 to comply with the ban. [NYP]