Johnny Iuzzini Is the Badass You Want Him to Be; Bloomfield vs. an Iron Chef

In true badass-with-a-softer-side form, the latest rock-star pastry chef Johnny Zs reveals he dreamed of becoming a stuntman before discovering his love for baking. [Restaurant Girl]

The Spotted Pig’s April Bloomfield is stepping into the ring this morning to battle an undisclosed Iron Chef. [Down by the Hipster]

True top chef André Soltner formerly of Lutece goes on about the pros and cons of food TV. [Newsday]

Post–KFC ratgate, the Department of Health now fails one in four restaurants during inspections. [NYP]

Bluefin tuna is so endangered that the European Union has ordered fisherman to stop reeling the fish in for the rest of the year, and although some chefs are turning to yellowfin, Rocco DiSpirito makes artificial tuna torpedoes. Model’s love ’em. [NYT]
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Thought there were already Starbucks everywhere? Now one is moving into a bank on 42nd Street, which will become the "first latte-and-loan spot in the city." [NYP]

New York’s food banks are running dry because of massive cuts in government aid. [NYT]