Joe Bastianich Taps Adam Perry Lang for Vegas Meat Mecca

If Adam Perry Lang gazes lovingly at his paella;Photo: WireImage

Joe Bastianich, having just opened B&B; Ristorante in Las Vegas with Mario Batali, isn’t letting the sands under his feet settle. In December or January, he’ll open Carnevino at the Venetian. Bastianich is likely handling the wine (he’s out of the country and unavailable for comment), but Daisy May’s Adam Perry Lang will oversee every part of the meat program, from procurement to dry-aging.

“We’re not married to one exclusive product,” Lang tells us. “There are so many beautiful qualities and different types of beef. I’m going to Idaho, California, Italy, Texas, looking to find different products — how are they treated, what do they eat, how is it slaughtered, and how does it impact on your palate?” All the meat will be from small ranches and boutique operations, Lang assures us. “I’m not into gambling on commodity meat. I want to know what we’ll be serving.” Us too!