Jean-Georges Schools Chodorow in the Art of Blogging


Does the Beard House have a power outlet?Photo: Patrick McMullan, iStockphoto

So its not anywhere near as dishy as Chodorows site, but it seems Jean-Georges Vongerichtens two-week-old blog is at least sticking to its promise to update us every Tuesday on what Ive been cooking, where Ive been traveling, and what Ive been thinking. (It's a Blogger site with a pretty standard template did Jean-Georges make this himself?) Even if he isnt slamming Bruni and Platt, Vongo is at least confessing to cooking with a machine developed for Kentucky Fried Chicken (scandalous!) and getting his daughters birthday cake from a bakery instead of from his dessert man Johnny Iuzzini (cest impossible!). Another shocker: I love eating in New York. From the tacos and margaritas at Los Dados (where I often stop after a night of cooking at Spice Market). Jean-Georges is still cooking at Spice Market?

Jean-Georges Vongerichten [Blog]