Grant Achatz Getting Better; Bourdain Spreads Blood and Holiday Cheer

Grant Achatz writes Ruhlman that the tumor on the great chef’s tongue has been diminished by about 75 percent, thanks to aggressive chemo. [Ruhlman].

In his upcoming No Reservations holiday special, Tony Bourdain cooks a Thanksgiving dinner with L.A. rockers Queens of the Stone Age and spends "a fair amount of time spraying stage blood onto [his] niece and nephew’s face." [The Grinder/Chow]

Rickshaw Dumpling has officially opened. [Eater]

A roundup of Upper West Side restaurants frequented by the food mafia (a.k.a. journalists) includes some classic picks plus previews like Bar Boulud and the as-yet-unnamed brasserie from Tom Valenti. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

One of the waiters at BarFry looks like Josh Hartnett. [Gawker]

Ed Levine wholeheartedly agrees with Bruni’s assessment of Peter Luger’s but contends that the steakhouse had always warranted just the two stars. [Ed Levine Eats/Serious Eats]
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Some of the city’s bowling alleys are rolling out good eats and artisan beers. [NYDN]

The Tortilla Lady’s quesadillas make you want to hug her. [Eat for Victory/VV]