Gordon Ramsay’s Exhausts, Neighbors Still Fuming

The jacket alone qualifes as noise pollution.
The jacket alone qualifes as noise pollution.haha

Given how much grief Gordon Ramsay has had lately (a seared testicle, lawsuit, etc.), we thought we’d add to it by inquiring after the status of his battle with his New York neighbors. Last year, they were up in arms about the noise and stench Gordon Ramsay at the London brought to them, and this year, they are too. “Imagine your house being inundated with dirty bacon and duck smells,” says resident Karen Sharf. “We cannot sleep and cannot basically breathe in our apartments.”

Sharf tells us that the residents have asked various city inspectors to measure the noise and smell, and that the restaurant has frequently failed, but that the results keep mysteriously disappearing from the record. If they fail several times in a row, the place can be closed down. “We’re not looking to close them down,” Sharf says. “But if they won’t hire some engineers and fix the problem somehow…” Our guess on the outcome? Get used to that smell, Karen: It’s Gordon Ramsay’s world. We just live in it.

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