Drink Creator Doesn’t Have Enough Energy for Bon Jovi’s Lawyers

Bon Jovi will shove you into a bed of roses.
Bon Jovi will shove you into a bed of roses.haha Photo: Getty Images

We’d love to crack a Red Bull or two with the marketing geniuses who give energy drinks names like Cocaine (banned after much controversy), Mad Croc (also available in gum form!), Bong Water (no relation to Bong Spirit Vodka, sold in a bonglike bottle), Beaver Buzz, Sum Poosie, Who’s Your Daddy, and the like. (For a full list, hit up Energy Drink Ratings, a blog that has chugged all of these concoctions so you don’t have to.)

One of these baffling names — Mijovi — and the brand’s slogan, “itsmilife,” is now at the center of a copyright-infringement case brought by none other than Jon “It’s My Life” Bon Jovi. A piece in today’s Times recounts the hilarious story of the drink’s creator running into the hair rocker at a restaurant and begging for mercy. As of now Mijovi’s lawyers are readying their defense. Should they need to pull an all-nighter, they may want to hit a certain grocery store on Broome and Centre where — shhh — you can still score Cocaine!

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