Daniel Boulud’s Downtown Burger Place Finally Signs the Lease

Breaking news on the as-yet-unnamed Daniel Boulud burger restaurant (the “DBGB” moniker is gone): The lease has been signed and the restaurant is officially a go, according to Boulud’s spokeswoman Georgette Farkas. The much-ballyhooed burger place at 299 Bowery will be opening in the summer of 2008, and will be designed by Thomas Schlesser, the same intelligence behind the look of this fall’s DB entry, Bar Boulud. “The DBGB name isn’t happening,” Farkas tells us. “So in-house we’re calling it TBDB.”

So what should the great chef’s foray into the burger business be called? Have any suggestions? Drop us a line — there may be a free hamburger, or something better, in it for you if you come up with an answer pleasing to the man himself.