Dani Is Done With Dinner Service Forever

Want to eat dinner at Dani? Bring twenty friends or so.
Want to eat dinner at Dani? Bring twenty friends or so.haha

Contrary to recent reports, Dani is not in danger of closing, but when the restaurant reopens on September 17, there will be a major shift: Owner Don Pintabona tells us there will no longer be any dinner service. “It’s going to be all events, corporate dinners, and parties,” he says. “I already have a bunch of weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other stuff lined up.”

In marginal areas like the Hudson Square neighborhood in which Dani is located, dinner service can be dicey, and events, catering, and private dinners are much more of a sure thing. With high rents and other costs squeezing owners, look to see similar shifts at other restaurants.

Pintabona also had plenty to say about what he considers erroneous reports elsewhere on the Web about delays in construction. “I went away with my kids for a week, and all of a sudden I became ‘the irate Don Pintabona,’” he says. “The place is supposed to open on the 17th, which was reported in the Times. And that’s what’s going to happen.” Now you know where to have lunch on Monday.