Gordon Ramsay So Over? Josie Smith-Malave Back in Business

Aussies ask, Has Gordon Ramsays gilded decade come to an end? Has the gifted chef gone off the boil? [Sydney Morning Herald]

Its back to business for former Top-Chefer and recent anti-gay-attack victim Josie Smith-Malave; her Clinton Hill restaurant seems well on its way to serving global comfort food this fall. [Clinton Hill Blog]

Initial impressions on Rickshaw Dumpling: We enjoyed eating them, and even more, we enjoy knowing that we will file our $6 receipt for the six dumplings and be reimbursed. $1 per dumpling? Do I look like some kind of NYU kid to you? [Eat for Victory/VV]

Will Goldfarbs Picnick is the only place in the country serving Terzi coffee from Bologna, a company so serious about quality that they sent a guy Christian, Goldfarbs new barista along with the coffee. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

Bruni opens up a platform for discussing etiquette when dividing a bill. [Diners Journal/NYT]

With the weather cooling as slowly as it is, outdoor seating might continue through December now that the city will allow restaurants to install sidewalk heaters. [NYT]

Patti LaBelle condiments coming soon to stores near you. [The Grinder/Chow]