City Restaurant School in Session; Pickle Day a Big Hit

Want to open a restaurant? The city is still happy to show you how. [Newsday]

Visitors to International Pickle Day on Orchard Street yesterday consumed an estimated 50,000 pickles. [amNY]

The GM for the Lever House Restaurant Group married freelance writer at Blue Hill at Stone Barns this weekend. [NYT]

A Wagyu-Kobe primer from T magazine, with bonus unheeded advice from Tom Colicchio. [NYT]

China gives us our own medicine by sending back meat which contained traces of a banned stimulant to the United States and Canada. [NYT]

Trump Vodka has an oily characteristic that helped it beat out Grey Goose in recent ratings from the Spirit Journal. [NYP]

Hotels are starting to offer healthier breakfasts to business travelers. [NYT]

Chef Roberto Passon opens La Bocca di Bacco on Ninth Avenue near 54th Street this month. [Restaurant Girl]

Ed Levine likes Taim falafel in the West Village. [Ed Levine Eats/Serious Eats]