Chris Noth and Fellow Wineheads Toast the End of ‘Sex and the City’

You don't get this gig from
You don't get this gig fromhaha Photo: Getty Images

If the New York Diet doesn’t give you enough celebrity dining talk, you might want to check out Penfolds’s Website, where every month, a winemaker from the Australian company and GQ’s “Style Guy” Glenn O’Brien pour the good stuff for a celebrity guest. This month, Chris Noth asks what makes a wine “big” (get it? Mr. Big?) and, though the wine talk is illuminating (did you know Saddam’s favorite wine was Mateus?), our snippet of choice comes shortly before Noth and O’Brien toast the end of a certain TV show with a 2004 Chardonnay. “Manhattan looks like a bad imitation of Sex and the City,” Noth ponders. “Too many shoe stores, trendy restaurants, neighborhoods that have been raided by corporate-entity restaurants, and coffee shops. The meatpacking district — I can’t even go there. Everyone’s drinking cosmos and eating sushi.” So there you go: Don’t drink cosmos, silly Philistines — drink Chardonnay!

Character [Penfolds; registration req.]