Chefs Knock Food Blogs to the Latest Food Blog

From left, Craig Hopson, Michael Anthony, and Doug Psaltis.
From left, Craig Hopson, Michael Anthony, and Doug Psaltis.haha

On the heels of Citysearch’s food-blog launch comes still another source of restaurant news: the NYC debut of Metromix (still in beta, it seems) and its own food blog Deep Dish. The juiciest item so far is a roundup of chef banter from the New York Rising Stars Revue awards. Not that the rising stars seem to have been that deep in their cups when they were interviewed (food blogger rule of thumb: Wait till they’re at the after-after-party), but some of their responses sure are punchy.

Michael Anthony on the lack of women honorees: “If you look at our restaurant [Gramercy Tavern], we have six women working on the hot line, and they will all be in charge of kitchens in the future.”

Craig Hopson on Frank Bruni: “I think he’s valid, but kind of … uhhhh … there’s a hell of a difference between one three-star restaurant and another three-star restaurant.”

Damon Wise on blogs: “I think people focus too much on them. I think that they can ruin the business of a restaurant because people focus too much on the negative messages.”

Doug Psaltis on his least favorite dining trend: “Molecular gastronomy. I think we are getting too far away from our roots with food that is unidentifiable.”

Yosuke Suga on whether chefs are the new rock stars: “I don’t think so because normally, rock stars make big money. Chefs, I don’t think so.”

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