CB2 Disses and Dismisses Forty Deuce and Public

We’re hearing that at last night’s full CB2 meeting, the board unanimously accepted the business committee’s earlier vote to recommend denying Ivan Kane’s application for a liquor license at 19 Kenmare. Kane, who was not present, was presumably in Vegas easing his nerves in front of a pair of pasties. It remains to be seen whether Kane will continue pursuing the space, where he has started and stopped construction.

But the owners of Public are location-scouting again after the board dashed their hopes for 26-28 Bond Street. AvroKO’s Dan Rafalin tells us, “Unfortunately we were the group that came in at the wrong time. It’s not just about congestion; it’s about neighbors that don’t want us there. We have to respect the decisions that have been made and move forward and find a location that’s going to work for us.” Rafalin’s partner Christina O’Neal says the community board is supporting them in their effort to find another location in the neighborhood with a preexisting liquor license.

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