Bedford Avenue Newcomer Dispenses With Tired Chinese-Food Names

Friends and family wrote the menu at Red Bowl.
Friends and family wrote the menu at Red Bowl.haha Photo: Melissa Hom

We’re not sure why entrée names like “Double Happiness” and “Happy Family” have such staying power, but modern Asian newcomer Red Bowl has dispensed with tradition by naming plates after friends and family, based on what they liked during previews. Vivian’s Curry Seafood, for instance, is a favorite of owner Vivian Chan, and David’s Salted Pepper Prawns is the go-to of her husband, David Chiu. The fave of head chef Mark Cheng (formerly of Mr. Chow and Philippe) is the Crispy Whole Fish, so that’s a safe order. But is this a recipe for future discord? Clearly the owners haven’t heard of the Larry David Sandwich.

Red Bowl menu

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