After the Catwalk, a Bagel for Wakiya, and More

You’d do better at the corner Chinese.
You’d do better at the corner Chinese.haha Photo: Noah Sheldon

The desks at Grub Street are covered with high-heeled shoes, empty gift bags, and other detritus from Fashion Week, and only a laserlike focus could allow us to catch the disparate restaurant intelligence floating around in this week’s issue. Adam Platt visits Wakiya, the much-hyped Chinese restaurant in the Gramercy Hotel, and hands them a bagel in his restaurant review. The crown jewel of the B.R. Guest restaurant empire, Fiamma, has reopened with one of the most celebrated Italian chefs you’ve never heard of. Baby cucumbers and tomatillos get a close appreciation from Rob and Robin. Add in Gray Kunz’s secret ingredient, and you can see why the latest lines from Milan had but little effect on us.

Adam Platt on Wakiya
In Season: Tomatillos
Openings: Bobo, Tokyo Bar, and Fiamma
Trendlet: Popcorn
Secret Ingredients: Gray Kunz
At the Greenmarket: Baby Cucumbers [NYM]