A (Near) Gary Robins Sighting

Will chef Gary Robins go next to a Poconos honeymoon resort? Photo: Patrick McMullan

Nothing against the articles, but it’s the ads in the Times dining section that we’re obsessed with. First there was Jeffrey Chodorow’s “Dear Mr. Wells” rant, followed by Jeffrey Chodorow’s “Dear Frank” letter, and now this intriguing tidbit buried at the bottom of an ad for a Macy’s Cellar cooking event in the August 29 edition:

Thursday, September 27, Executive Chef Gary Robins from the legendary and romantic restaurant One if By Land, Two if By Sea, prepares a perfect meal for special occasions!

Apparently, the peripatetic chef who even gypsies and nomads find a tad on the restless side is a hopeless romantic. After cooking duck-confit blinchiki and deconstructed beef stroganoff for nostalgists at the Russian Tea Room, Robins had unbeknownst to us and just about everyone else, it seems, turned his attention to the marriage-proposal-crazed clientele of the onetime Aaron Burr carriage house. True to form, when we tried to reach the elusive chef at the restaurant, general manager Rosanne Martino told us that he had already mosied along with only a forwarding e-mail address. “He was consulting for the summer,” Martino says. “The few dishes he was able to change were fantastic, and the whole brunch menu was his.” As for the Macy’s event, Martino promises former Picholine chef de cuisine Craig Hopson — who takes over the One if By Land kitchen this Sunday — will fill in for Robins. —Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld