Bacon Salt Makers Agree: Bacon Has Jumped the Shark

The Fonz needs his Bacon Salt.
The Fonz needs his Bacon Salt.haha Photo: Everett Bogue

Having dismissed Bacon Salt as the final sign that America’s favorite breakfast meat had jumped the shark, we received this ironic action figure in the mail from Bacon Salt’s makers, along with handwritten “care instructions for Fonzie.” They describe three meals and a snack, each to be liberally doused with the seasoning and served to the plastic Fonz. We’ve now tried the stuff, by the way, and found it every bit as awful as we had imagined it would be. But the truth is, we like things that represent jumping the shark, from Sinatra’s version of “Both Sides Now” to the Burger King quad stacker. Bacon Salt may be bad, but at least it’s an interesting kind of bad.

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