Whole Foods Plot Still Grimy in Gowanus; Tony Bourdain on Ina Garten

Whole Foods has only one more building to demolish to clear out its plot by the Gowanus Canal for its 2008 opening, but there are still no signs of environmental cleanup. [Brownstoner]
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Anthony Bourdain didn’t waste much time agonizing over the expulsion of Tre from Top Chef before laying into Casey, who slices slower the “Ina Garten on Thorazine.” [Bravo]
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Amalia chef Ivy Stark hates chicken. So why is there chorizo-stuffed crispy chicken on Amalia’s menu? [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Liquor auctions are now legal in New York for the first time since Prohibition. [NYDN]

While some deviant plies puppies with meth in Chelsea, loving owners may also be rewarding their pets with melamine-spiked treats from China, Wal-Mart fears. [NYT]
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