Vegetables Suggest Liebrandt's New Restaurant Is a Reality

Liebrant and Sweeney

Paul Liebrandt: chef's chef and player's player.Photo: Patrick McMullan

The mystery and excitement surrounding Paul Liebrandts new venture is a testament to what? Boredom? Curiosity? The shaggy dog story? The cutting-edge chef has never been a big favorite with the public; hes more of a cooks cook, much in the same way that A.J. Liebling was a writers writer, or Mark Jackson, a point guards point guard. But theres a hint that his long-rumored restaurant might actually be more than just a rumor, thanks to Bret Thorn from Nations Restaurant News, who happened to receive a press kit for the Culinary Vegetable Institute. (What, like youve never been to a vegetable institute? Just stay with us here.) Liebrandt is named as having taken part in a chefs summit at the institute; more important, hes actually listed as Chef Paul Liebrandt, of his signature Restaurant Liebrandt, opening Fall 2007, New York City. What? Thorn is on the case, and so are we. More as this develops.

Restaurant Liebrandt? [Foodservice Blog/Nation's Restaurant News]
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