The State of the Deli Is Not Good; ‘Secret’ Spots Revealed

A panel of Jewish food luminaries gathered recently to discuss the state of the deli. They didn’t paint a very sunny picture. [Serious Eats]
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Don’t blame the government for not letting great Chinese chefs into the country: It’s our fault for not wanting better Chinese cuisine. [NYT]

Manhattan’s secret spots range from sushi in a midtown basement to the bar across the street from the Corner Bistro. [NYP]

It’s a great time to try to become a chef in New York. All you need is some chutzpa. [TONY]

Why call for food when you can order it online? And why order it online when you can text for it? [NYT]

Sumner Redstone tips 40 percent in restaurants. [NYP]

Pichet Ong recommends Wondee Siam for Thai food, but he likes Wondee Siam II even more. [Serious Eats]