The New Cold War: Frozen Yogurt Invades New York

When Fro-Yo Attacks

Know your frozen enemy. Photo illustration: Everett Bogue/Map by Jason Lee

Now that Red Mango the first big Korean fro-yo chain, and thus the progenitor of the new wave started by Pinkberry, which hails from LA is coming to New York, it's time to take stock of the ever-growing number of frosty options. Since Pinkberry first opened its doors here last year, the dessert has descended across the city like a cold curtain. It was only in June that Rob and Robin shortlisted the new frozen-yogurt options, and since then /eks/ and, soon, Red Mango have been added. How to separate the Pinkberrys from the Yolato from the gelatos? We had to make up a chart to parse it all (full disclosure: We cheated a little by including Grom, which isn't strictly fro-yo but it is an excellent new gelato spot). Below, our guide to the new yogurt culture. Whats your favorite? Email us and we'll print the results.

Country of Origin Social Aesthetic Product Pitch NYC Locations Critical Reception
Pinkberry USA Carvel via Hello Kitty The Carvel of frozen yogurts Four: Midtown West, Chelsea, Nolita, Upper East Side. Don't be fooled by this one. Its candy in a cup! NYM Reader
Yolato USA Stark, no-frills. The gelato of fro-yo (as the name implies). Three: West Village, Upper West Side, Chelsea. [I]nciting an ugly East CoastWest Coast frozen-dairy-treat war. Rob and Robin
Red Mango Korea Reeks of authenticity; the thinking mans yogurt. Brags of having half a million active cultures. Ew. Coming soon to Times Square and Flushing. That overly sour tart flavor is much less [than Pinkberry]. Hardly noticeable. What is noticeable, however, is the creaminess of the yogurt. Will Work for Food
ko USA Greener than thou. Greek-style yogurt. One: Park Slope. [This] greener-than-green business ... has tailored itself for Park Slope. Josh Ozersky
/eks/ USA Hipper-than-hip candy-stripe, think Barnett Newman and Meg White. Poor mans Pinkberry. One: Williamsburg. It all adds up to the feeling that youre having dessert in a finished basement in the Tokyo suburbs. Knifed Spooned
Grom Italy None. World-class Italian ice cream. One: Upper West Side. The companys mission is to make gelato the exacting, old-fashioned way Rob & Robin