The Center Cannot Hold, and Why Would You Want It To?

Take us to your fifth new leader.
Take us to your fifth new leader.haha Photo: Jeremy Liebman

This week brings together some disparate threads of the great suffocating quilt that is the New York food world. Modern Spanish and Latin food have almost nothing in common, other than, in the form of Suba and Rayuela, getting one star each from Adam Platt. Uptown Gael Greene rocks out Southern Hospitality. Downtown, Rob and Robin find a chef that knows all there is to know about the frying game and discover what’s happened to restaurant matchbooks in these days of the smoking ban. Plus, Kirby cucumbers are in season this week.

Platt: The Fifth Chef’s a Charm
Restaurant Openings: Margaret Palca Bakes and BarFry
Insatiable Critic: Southern Hospitality
In Season: Kirby Cucumbers
Hamburger Helpers
Pig Outs
Road Food [NYM]