Shake Shack Hamburger and Little Owl Pork Chops Can Soon Be Yours

LaFrieda beef for Shake Shack: Now it can be yours. (Treo present to indicate scale.)
LaFrieda beef for Shake Shack: Now it can be yours. (Treo present to indicate scale.)haha Photo: Josh Ozersky

The famous ground-beef mixture from Pat LaFrieda has been the talk of burger circles the last few years — a dizzying time in which the Spotted Pig, Shake Shack, Stand, and half a dozen other contenders have taken the previously humble sandwich to the proverbial next level. The source of all that burger greatness, as Men’s Vogue recently wrote, is LaFrieda, the city’s top source for high-end wholesale meats. Scratch the wholesale part! Soon, and for the first time ever, the burger that launched a thousand blog posts will be available at the retail counter at Market Table, Joey Campanero and Mike Price’s new restaurant in the West Village.

The meat counter will also sell the pork chops that inspired a cult following at the little owl. “People always asked me, ‘Where do you get your meat? Where do you get your meat?’ I put like three things on it and that’s it. But nobody could get it before,” Campanero tells us. Meanwhile, the magic meat that haunts the dreams of New York’s burger lovers will come in preformed patties of about eight ounces, with a little card written by Price, the restaurant’s executive chef, saying how to cook them. Of if you really want to have the Shake Shack experience, get them in four-ounce patties. You don’t even have to stand in line holding a vibrator.

Update: Mark Pastore of Pat LaFrieda has called to tell us that, while the hamburger that will be sold at Market Table will be close in flavor to the burgers he supplies to Shake Shack, the blend is by no means exactly the same. If you want the official Shake Shack burger, in other words, you have to go to the Shake Shack.

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