Scott Bryan Will Cook at 10 Downing Street

Scott Bryan
We hate to spoil the fun over at Food & Wine, where a Mouthing Off post today quizzed readers on the new chef of 10 Downing Street. Given that we just announced our own contest, it seems unsportsmanlike to give the game away. But then we remembered our news mission. The answer is Scott Bryan, the three-star veteran of Veritas and one of the most widely respected chefs in the industry. (Readers of Kitchen Confidential will remember the otherwise corrosive Tony Bourdains almost reverent tribute to the chef in the books latter part.) Bryan will be serving what the restaurants publicist describes as American cuisine with Mediterranean influence reminiscent of the early days of Chez Panisse and Zuni Caf in San Francisco, but really, the big draw is Bryan himself. Itll be good to have him back.

Best New Chef Restaurant Quiz [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]