Restaurant Girl to be ‘Daily News’ Critic; INS Crackdown Panics Workers

It’s a proud day for bloggers everywhere as Danyelle “Restaurant Girl” Freeman has been installed as the restaurant critic for the Daily News. [Eater]

Her appointment raises the old question of whether a critic should really be anonymous. [VV]

Restaurant workers all over town are freaking out, thanks to a major crackdown on illegal immigrants. [NY1]

The stars are packing into Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel. So what if they’re B-list stars? [Gawker]

Though America pretty much forgot about Hell’s Kitchen during all the Top Chef madness, the show went on. Now there’s a winner, which we won’t announce here. [NYP]

Who will release us from the gastronomic curse that is the chicken Caesar salad? [Ruhlman]